When it comes to the horse racing industry, those that enjoy this form of entertainment are undoubtedly able to find a great deal of information on the internet. There is so much, that one may think, what is the purpose of starting a new site? Well, we developed this site with the intention of putting the focus on the great horses, as well as the exciting horse races, and other relevant topics that pertain to this.

Information for Newbies

One of the side benefits to horseracing is being able to participate in betting on the races. For those that are new to this, it can be overwhelming. In fact, there are many aspects to a horse race that can be somewhat confusing. A good example of this is the race form guides that people rely on when they’re attending a race. Many of those that enjoy the online action that comes with betting and horse races, really appreciate the fact that it is much simpler to read the guides that are presented by the various platforms. There is a lot of additional and useful information readily available to them to assist them with this.

The Jockeys

Many different important individuals contribute to the horseracing industry. The jockeys receive attention when they are performing in the races. Often, what is forgotten about, is the dedication and responsibility that the riders have. Not only do the jockeys have to pay attention to what their mount is doing, but they also have to be well tuned in what is taking place in their racing environment, so that it remains safe at all times.

Site Highlights

  • Australian Race Horses

The post here highlights just a few of the many famous horses, to give the reader an idea of just how vital these horses have been throughout the years to the Australian racehorse industry.

  • Impressive Races

For those that are thinking of visiting this country, who are racehorse enthusiasts, this post will be most beneficial, as it outlines those races that are considered to be the most important.

  • The Horse Racing Industry

This post is dedicated to the horse racing industry in Australia on the whole. We felt that it serves as an important reminder of just how beneficial this industry is to a country on many different levels.

Also, there are some other exciting posts such as those that discuss horse race betting.