For the many fans who enjoy the horse racing industry in Australia, they do so for many reasons. It is a form of thrilling entertainment that has been around for many years and seems to get passed down through the generations. Much of the interest lies in the horses that make these races possible. It is also a form of social activity, where people can come together on the common ground, with the same interests. It doesn’t take long before racing enthusiasts soon form their own opinions as to their favourite racehorses.

Benefits These Racehorses Bring to the Public

Many different races are run throughout Australia at any given time. Perhaps the most noted is the very famous Melbourne Cup: , which is not only a national holiday but one that even those who are not into horse races look forward to. It is the time when many will pick the favourite horse of the day, on which they will place bets.


Winx has been on the racing circuit since 2011 and is still going strong. As a mare, she has made a big impact on the racing circuit in the past. Kingston Town held the spotlight on the racing circuit, but Winx is certainly on par, if not slightly ahead of the king. She first took the spotlight in 2015 with her win at the Cox Plate. All those involved with Winx are full of optimism, that she will continue to go strong, although she is ageing.

Black Caviar

This beauty was recognised as being the winner of the 25 starts that she was involved in. She is the offspring of Bel Esprit and was born in August 2006. This horse was so impressive during her career that she would often create sellout crowds for the race courses where she was making her appearance. She did a lot of travelling during her career, with one important journey being to the Diamond Jubilee stakes, where she continued her winning streak.


Although Carbine was not considered to be an Australian racehorse, this horse did most of its racing in Australia, therefore, has been recognised as one of the all-time greats. When it comes to Australian racehorses, Carbine could easily carry big weights, and come out a winner in more than one race in a day. As a two-year-old, he was never defeated in the five starts he participated in for Australia.

Phar Lap

For those that are historical horse racing buffs, if they were asked who they felt was the most famous Australian horse, most likely it would be Phar Lap they would mention. Many people still consider him to be the greatest racehorse to ever run on Australian soil. He was a horse that brought a great deal of entertainment during the Great Depression, and his claim to fame was being the winner of 37 out of the 51 starts that he participated in. He was often called Big Red, and many remember him for different reasons.