Many individuals don’t realise just how important the horse racing industry is to the country. Australia has given this industry a great deal of recognition because it is understood just how vital it is on many different levels.

Employment Opportunities

Australia is just as concerned about its employment level, as any other country is. It has been recognised that the horse racing industry in this country provides employment for over 250000 people, either on a full or part-time basis. Employment can come on different levels, and it is an industry that is robust, in that there are over 300000 people that have some type of interest in the industry itself. These range from horse owners to trainers to bookmakers, as well as jockeys.

The Lucrative Prize Money

For many that are involved in the horseracing industry, one of the objectives is the monetary rewards. This comes with the value of horse ownership, as well as the prize money that is up for grabs in the many different types of races that are run. It is estimated that the prize money that is up for grabs ranges around $427245000. This no doubt is an incentive for many to enter into this form of business.

High-Calibre Races

While many racing clubs participate in the industry, some races go to the top of the list for being important, in the sense that the very best of breeds and bloodlines get to show their talent. Spectators get to enjoy highly charged racing events. Some of the most notable races taking place in Australia are:

  • W.S. Cox Plate
  • Golden Slipper Stakes
  • VRC Oaks
  • Caulfield Cup
  • Victoria Derby
  • Melbourne Cup


The arrival of horses in Australia dates back all the way to 1788. One of the most important horses looking back in Australian history was that which revered Old Hector. He was considered to be the most important Arabian horse in Australia in 1803, and whose bloodlines still survive today. By 1810, horseracing had become an important part of Australia’s culture when it began to take place in Sydney. It was during this year that the first official race meeting took place. The Australian Jockey Club began to hold its meetings in 1842 and was soon playing a major part in the industry.

Breeding of Horses

None of the races that take place today would be able to do so without the care and dedication of the breeders and stud farms, throughout the years. It has become their responsibility to keep prominent bloodlines alive and to produce new stock that will continue to entertain and participate in this critical industry. It is the breeders and the stud farms that set the foundation for the races of today.


It is important that great emphasis is put on the horses that participate in the races. One has to remember that they would not be able to perform to their fullest capabilities without the skills and experience of the jockeys, who bring them to the finishing line. It has been well recorded that Australian jockeys are recognised throughout the world.